Couple Robbed by Men Claiming to Work for City of Dallas

A Dallas couple says they were robbed by men claiming to be contractors for the City of Dallas.

H.L. Vidal says on Sunday evening, two men wearing construction vests and carrying clip boards came to his home in the 4800 block of Reaumur Drive.

He says the two men said they needed to look at the area behind his home because they were doing prep work to remove branches from power lines.

Vidal says he and his wife spent about ten minutes in the back yard of their home showing the two men the branches and the power lines.

Vidal says, during that time, one of the men was using a walkie talkie to talk to someone else.

"There were two that were with us but police believe there must have been a third that they were talking to on walkie talkies, advising by code in some way, 'they’re out of the house, go in,'" Vidal said.

Once the two men left, the Vidals went inside their home and realized they had been robbed of several pieces of jewelry.

Vidal says the men had dark complexions and described themselves as Greek. They were both around 5-feet, 7-inches tall. One was in his late 40s or early 50s, the other was in his late 20s.

Vidal says they called themselves Joseph and Mike.

Dallas Police are investigating but have not noticed a trend in this specific crime, but the department did issue an alert back in February for a similar crime where suspects were claiming to be Oncor employees.

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