Council to Consider Repeal of ‘Plano Tomorrow' Monday

Comprehensive plan has been the center of controversy, lawsuit since 2015

After a nearly 4–year legal fight over who decides how to shape future development in the city of Plano, it appears that Plano Tomorrow may never be implemented.

Plano Tomorrow was a 20-year comprehensive plan approved by Plano city council members in 2015. On Monday, council members will take up a motion to repeal the entire plan.

A group of citizens sued the city to stop Plano Tomorrow from being implemented because they feared that it would usher in increased business, commercial and multifamily development amid the population boom that the entire North Texas region is seeing, and because they wanted something as significant as a comprehensive plan to be approved by the voters.

By one estimate, the population of Plano alone will grow by as many as 300,000 people over the next 20 to 30 years.

Soon after it was initially passed, a petition with more than 4,000 signatures on it was submitted to the city to repeal Plano Tomorrow. After the city denied the petition, a citizens group sued in an effort to either force a vote on the comprehensive plan by way of a voter referendum, or to repeal Plano Tomorrow altogether.

Earlier this month, representatives for the plaintiffs met with the city in mediation to reach some sort of deal. And despite reaching what seemed to be a "solid agreement," according to a statement from the city to The Dallas Morning News, the citizens group backed away from the deal and decided to continue with the lawsuit.

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