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Contractor Helps Another Local Family With Free Roof

K-Rose Custom Homes has repaired two roof free of charge after seeing an NBC 5 Responds story on roofers ripping off consumers

What to Know

  • Juan Fernandez told NBC 5 Responds a contractor told him he would fix his roof and fence for $10,000, but never showed up for the job.
  • Fernandez was among a group of people interviewed by NBC 5 Responds for a Jan. 28 story about a bill that would protect consumers.
  • After seeing the story, K-Rose Custom Homes has now repaired the roof of two families ripped off by contractors.

For nearly three years, life has been hard for Juan Fernandez and his family.

He said it was back in 2016 when a roofer promised to fix his roof and repair his fence for $10,000 dollars.

But the contractor never showed.

So, it was up to Fernandez to somehow stop the leaks and fix the damage to his home.

He invited NBC 5 Responds inside and pointed out the problem spots in the living room, dining room and bedrooms.

Fernandez was among a group of people NBC 5 Responds interviewed last month who said they were ripped off by the same roofing contractors.

"It really hurts. It really bothers me that I even let these people in my house, you know, believing in them," he said. "We were so proud and happy, me and my wife and kids that we were going to get a good roof and we just got robbed in the blink of an eye."

But just when he started to lose faith in all contractors. Robin Lloyd of K-Rose Custom Homes heard his cry and responded.

"There's so much bad things going around and people taking advantage of people. This serves as something to say that everyone's not bad. There is some good," he said.

It only took Lloyd and his crew a day to finish Fernandez's roof, for free.

"I just want to say thank you so much Mr. Robin for helping us out," Fernandez said. "You just don't know how you made us feel today."

Fernandez's trust in others now mended with the help from K-Rose Custom Homes and its North Texas team.

With the help of an anonymous donor, Lloyd is currently in contact with another homeowner from our previous story.

He said he hoped to fix her roof as well, for free.

He wanted to remind viewers that there are still business owners out there with good and honest intentions.

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