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Consumer Headlines: Tastier Tomatoes & Starbucks App Orders

Tastier Tomatoes

Healthy, natural and organic. So many of us subscribe by that, but you forget the seeds planted to make our fruits and veggies are usually touched by scientists.

Now they're tinkering with the tomato.

Researchers say much of the flavor has been bred out of supermarket tomatoes over the decades because they've tried to create a uniform color. It took the sugar and sweetness from many of the tomatoes.

Now scientists think by altering the genetic recipe of the fruit they can bring it's natural sweet flavor back.

University of Florida researchers have identified changes to five genes they say can add to that lost taste. The tastier tomato could pop up on store shelves in a couple of years.

Starbucks App Orders 

You don't have to wait nearly as long to get that fancy cup of coffee.

Starbucks says it's seen more people ordering and paying for their coffee using apps on their phones.

So many people are doing it, that baristas are getting backed up and the line to pick up your coffee has gotten longer.

Starbucks says some people walking into store to order and pay the old fashioned way are walking out overwhelmed by the long lines of customers using their smartphones.

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