Construction to Ease Traffic Causing Traffic Jam

Drivers in Rowlett know the construction traffic is going to get worse before it gets better.

Construction of the eastern extension of the George Bush Turnpike started in 2008 and won't be completed until 2011. The project, which runs through Rowlett, will add 9.9 miles of road. The $1 billion project is expected to ease traffic in the area and add quicker routes to get around the growing suburbs.

But until it's completed, drivers will have to wait in traffic.

"There's no direction to come from to make it easier," Rowlett resident April Vance said. "It's just going to be this way until 190 is done."

Vance, whose child attends Rowlett High School, said traffic crawls in the morning near the school.

"Hopefully, the schools will be more tolerant to kids being late, because there is really nothing you can do about the traffic," she said.

Ashlee Martinez, also of Rowlett, works at home and makes it a point to give herself extra driving time.

"Say you have to be at work at eight. You probably have to leave at six, because at six, it won't be packed," she said. "If you know where you need to be, leave early."

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