Congregation Puts Pastor in Glass House

Exec. Pastor Ben Dailey will be released Wednesday at 7 p.m.

Talk about living in a glass house -- an Irving pastor will do just that.

Executive Pastor Ben Dailey of Calvary Church promised to spend three days living in a box if more than 4,000 people attended church over two Sundays, Easter and the oft-forgotten Sunday after.

The congregation came through and Dailey entered a snug 6x6x6-foot plexiglass box perched atop the church at 7 p.m. Sunday.

This is no stunt a la David Blaine however.  While in the box, Dailey has a few creature comforts including electricity, an air conditioner, books, a laptop, a television, an iPhone, a chair and food.

Dailey made the deal to combat the historically low attendance the week after Easter Sunday -- and this year attendance increased by more than 1,700 people to a total of 4,006, shattering previous attendance records for the growing chuch.

"This might be cheesy, but what can I say? I am passionate about the church getting out and being the church, not just within our walls, but outside of them as well," Dailey said on his Web site, "It's time for the church to get out of the box and let our world know that we serve a great God and have fun doing it."

While in the box, Dailey's congregation has been challenged to get outside of theirs and to go out into the community to perform random acts of kindness to neighbors, co-workers, and strangers as well as taking part in a host of other volunteer efforts organized by the church during his seclusion.

Come rain or shine, and it's been raining heavily Monday, Dailey will live on top of his church in the small, plexiglass box until Wednesday at 7 p.m.  Keep up with Dailey and his stay in the box via Twitter, Facebook or through his video updates on his Web site.

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