Concerns Grow Over Gushing Fire Hydrants in Haslet

Concerns continue about water in Haslet. For the last two weeks, thousands of gallons of water have been gushing out of fire hydrants.

The Fort Worth Water Department says the process is meant to be a preventative measure to keep chemicals out of the water, but neighbors say they can’t stand to see so much water wasted.

Fort Worth water officials have been flushing their north distribution center, and the flushing process is now entering week three. People who live in Haslet have been wondering how much longer they have to watch this water go down the drain.

“It is kind unnerving to see all that water just gushing all the time for two weeks straight,” said Amy Keath, a resident in Haslet. “I am concerned that it is a bit much, maybe over kill.”

As the water keeps flowing, a spokesperson with the Fort Worth Water Dept. tells NBC 5 they are seeing some improvements in disinfectant levels.

There was a chemical feed issue at the Eagle Mountain Water plant in February, so the city says flushing the old stagnant water out of the system by opening the hydrants moves the new water in.

The department reassures while the disinfectant levels are lower than normal the water quality continues to meet all state and federal standards.

“People have called us saying that we are not being conservative with the water, however when it comes to public health, that is number one for us,” said Hilda Zuniga, Fort Worth Water Dept. spokesperson. “That's not something we want to go in and do first, but it's something that is required to maintain the water.”

Zuniga says Haslet homeowners are not footing the bill as water continues to go down the drain.

There is still no timetable on when water flushing in North Fort Worth will be complete.

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