Close Call at Dallas Rodeo Championships

Photographer Mallory Beinborn captured quite the moment on camera at the Elite Rodeo Athletes' World Championships in Dallas on Friday night.

"I was thinking 'oh my gosh' I hope he doesn't get hurt," said Beinborn.

She snapped a picture of bull rider Chandler Bownds of Lubbock underneath an angry bull that he was riding just seconds before. The photo also showed the angst of Ezra Coleman of Gillette, Wyoming directly in front of the bull trying to distract it.

"The get off wasn't too good," said Bownds. "That bull's horn was in my back and he was just mashing me in the ground."

"It's really special because you see how determined Ezra is to save Chandler," said Beinborn of her photo.

Beinborn said Bounds escaped the bull and walked away. And she'll be able to show him the two rodeo stars the close call moment.

"I knew I had something pretty entertaining," said Beinborn.

Even with the close call Bownds not only walked away but walked away with gold; winning the championship in that event.

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