Teen Sues for $10M Over Dismissed Sex Assault Charges

Sexual assault charges against Darius McClinton-Hunter were dropped in February

While quoting musicians Young Gunz and Michael Jackson, a Prosper high school student who was accused of sexual assault is suing his accuser and seven other people over the dismissed charges.

Darius McClinton-Hunter, the son of Detroit Tigers player Torii Hunter, was arrested on suspicion of sexually assaulting a classmate. The charges were dropped earlier this year after a grand jury passed on the case, saying it needed more information to make a decision.

The lawsuit filed by his new attorney, Larry Friedman quotes the dangers of false accusations as outlined in Michael Jackson's hit single "Billie Jean" as well as Young Gunz' "Can't Stop, Won't Stop."

McClinton-Hunter is suing the girl who accused him of the assault and several others whom he said allowed her to make and bolster the false report for defamation and slander.

He is seeking damages "in excess of $10 million, in addition to exemplary damages because Darius' injuries were, on information and belief, a direct result of the defendants' malice, which entitles him to exemplary damages of not less than three (3) times the amount of plaintiff's actual damages."

The suit says the allegations harmed McClinton-Hunter's reputation, humiliated and shamed him, and forced him to attend an alternative school. The charges also caused him emotional and physical distress, lost him college scholarship and NFL opportunities and other hardships, the lawsuit says.

The petition can be read in its entirety here.

McClinton-Hunter and four other Prosper High School students were arrested in connection with two allegations of sexual assault in May 2012. Police said the students gave girls drugs and forced them to have sex.

McClinton-Hunter and two juvenile boys were accused of assaulting a classmate. Two other students, Garrick White and a juvenile boy, were accused of assaulting another girl.

In February, a Collin County grand jury declined to indict the juveniles. The grand jury passed on the charges against McClinton-Hunter and White but later indicted White on a charge of unlawful restraint.

The charges against McClinton-Hunter were dropped.

A trial date for White has not been set.

Before the charges were dropped, McClinton-Hunter's attorney, Todd Shapiro, said the grand jury had plenty of evidence to consider before making its decision, including voice mail and text messages in which his accuser recanted her assault claim.

There is no word yet on when McClinton-Hunter's lawsuit may be heard in court.

A Prosper police spokesman said the department had no comment on the lawsuit or the investigation.

A telephone message to the home of McClinton-Hunter's accuser and her parents was not returned.

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