City of DeSoto Celebrates Former Football Player Turned Motivational Speaker, Corey Borner

The mayor and other local dignitaries joined the community at Zeiger Park for Corey Borner Day

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Corey Borner was paralyzed at 16 years old after a spinal cord injury during a football game in 2009. 

DeSoto was bursting with pride over the hometown hero and motivational speaker. 

“He’s giving other people hope that you can walk, move, and all that good stuff,” said friend Leekeithia Jefferson. 

Dozens came out to support the former football player, including Nicole Young. 

“I’ve known Corey since he was a little kid. We attended the same church,” said Nicole Young, who was there with event sponsor Credit Union of Texas. 

He was presented with a Congressional Record - honoring his new foundation and work inspiring the community. 

“My Find a Way Foundation - I just started it. I want to help other people with disabilities. Not just like me with spinal cord injuries, but all kinds of disabilities - if they were born this way, you name it,” said Borner. 

Last year, while fitted in an exoskeleton, he walked the stage at his college graduation, taking his first steps in 12 years. 

Nicole Young showed NBC 5 gifts prepared for Borner - a Dallas Morning News printing plate - with his story front and center, and a check. 

“It’s for $2,500. They asked for $500. And we thought sure, but that’s not enough. So it’s $2,500 that we’re going to support him with today, just to help him get his foundation off the ground,” said Young. 

Borner’s mission is to keep moving - and never stop. 

“After this, I plan to continue to build my foundation, and continue the motivational speaking, and continue to inspire the world,” said Borner. 

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