City of Dallas Asks Court to Rule on Ordinance Regarding Sexually Oriented Businesses

A new city ordinance in Dallas, restricting operating hours of sexually oriented businesses, will not be enforced until the case is heard by a judge.
NBC 5 News

The City of Dallas is asking the court for a ruling on a lawsuit challenging its new ordinance that would force strip clubs to close at 2 a.m.

Court paperwork shows the city wants to start enforcement on May 26., before the Memorial Day weekend.

City lawyers cited four recent shootings around strip clubs including one that left one person dead.

Attorneys for several strip clubs are asking the court not to allow the new evidence, saying they have not received anything from the city.

In January, employees at clubs spoke to the Dallas City Council about how this ordinance would hurt their ability to support their families.

"This is about public safety," Mayor Eric Johnson said. "It's not about being puritanical or shaming anyone's career choices."

The city council unanimously voted in January to require all Dallas strip clubs and other sexually oriented businesses to close between 2 a.m. and 6 a.m.

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