Christmas Trees on Cars Can Be Dangerous

Association shares safety measures for bringing home your Christmas tree

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Many families bring home fresh Christmas trees this time of year but the nonprofit American Automobile Association warns the tree can be dangerous if not securely attached to a vehicle.

AAA Texas recommends the use of nets to pack trees at tree lots to keep the tree from falling apart on the road.

AAA warns getting your Christmas tree home could be dangerous. The American Automobile Association recommends packing trees in a net at the tree lot to keep them from falling apart on the road. AAA shared this video with NBC 5 that demonstrates tightly securing the tree to your car.

And it is the driver’s responsibility to make sure the tree is fastened safely before leaving the lot.

“It's really important to make sure that you plan ahead and make sure you have the right vehicle, the right equipment and the right route to go home,” said AAA Texas spokesperson Daniel Armbruster.

Up to $1,500 damage can be caused to a vehicle by an improperly secured tree according to AAA, but other vehicles on the road may be at risk, too.

“While most commercial tree lots will have employees to assist you with safely securing your tree before you bring it home, as the vehicle owner you are responsible if the tree causes damage, so you should be familiar with the proper way to secure it,” Armbruster said.

And AAA suggests taking slower back roads or surface streets instead of high-speed freeways on the journey home from the lot.

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