North Texas

Childhood Activity Therapeutic for North Texas Woman

More adults are turning to a childhood activity to de-stress.

Mansfield resident Susan Gibson spends her days coloring intricate patterns found in adult coloring books.

"It's more fun," she said. "You get to play, which, at 75, you don't get to play that much."

She's found it's more than just fun, it's therapeutic.

Occupational therapist Laura Gordon suggested that Gibson color after an injury severely damaged her right hand. After just a few weeks, Susan was healed and hooked.

"We were seeing remarkable improvement in the way she could move her fingers and the way she could make a fist," Gordon said.

Soon, coloring would be Gibson's biggest stress-reliever. Debilitating back problems landed her husband in the hospital for 85 days. She was there every day drawing the anxiety away.

Gibson colored several intricate pieces and is now giving the artwork to Methodist Mansfield as a thank you for caring for the couple. She hopes others will see it hanging in the hallway and be inspired to the simple activity that worked for her.

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