Chef Jon Bonnell Joins Dr Pepper Boycott

Recipe to dump Dr Pepper in favor of Dublin-produced root beer

Fort Worth Chef Jon Bonnell is joining the list of angry Texans swearing off Dr Pepper products.

Tens of thousands of Texans are upset that Plano-based Dr Pepper Snapple Group Inc. bought the famous Dublin bottler only to then stop producing the town's namesake Dr Pepper.

Thousands preferred the Dublin version because it was made following the original recipe, which is with pure cane sugar instead of high fructose corn syrup.

Bonnell, whose Fort Worth restaurant Bonnell's Fine Texas Cuisine included a Dublin Dr Pepper Float, took his ire to Facebook where he urged followers to sign a petition that many hope will urge DPS to reverse their decision.

"I'll never support that brand again," Bonnell posted to Facebook. "Our dessert featuring the Dublin Dr Peppers will be changed soon to the XXX Root Beer still made at Doc's Soda Shop in Dublin. Dr Pepper has lost me forever."

So far, nearly 13,000 people had signed that petition on the website

Dr Pepper Snapple has said that they will continue to produce a version of Dr Pepper made with pure cane sugar but it will not be produced in Dublin and will not carry the Dublin name.

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