Check Out Arlington Man's Massive Neon Sign Collection

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Some people collect coins. Some collect cars. One Arlington man has a collection unlike any you've probably seen.

Michael Brown has one of the largest neon sign displays in the country.

His collection began about six years ago with a broken sign he found during a trip to his hometown of Hugo, Oklahoma.

The sign was for a dry goods store where Brown worked his first job at the age of 12.

“I rescued it. I thought this was such an icon of my youth,” Brown said.

Since then, the collection has grown.

He’s converted a home into what he calls the “Neon Annex” which holds more than 100 porcelain neon signs.

Dozens more decorate Brown’s garage full of Corvettes.

Brown has a total of nearly 200 neon signs which hung more than 50 years ago in places like restaurants, repairs shops and film studios from coast to coast.

“I grew up in an era where neon signs were the primary form of advertising. You don't see them very much anymore,” Brown said.

Phased out by plastic and led, neon is literally a sign of the times.

While the lights may be fading, in Brown’s home, they still burn bright.

He said he would one day like to see his display in a public place so more people can enjoy it.

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