Caught Speeding Pay Double Fines

If you speed in Grapevine, you could find yourself paying a hefty fine.

Grapevine police are beefing up patrols in the DFW connector construction zone to encourage drivers to continue to slow down following a spike in crashes.

When the construction project began last year, the speed limit was 60 mph. The speed limit was lowered to 50 mph after the increase in crashes. 

But that hasn't slowed down drivers.

So, the Grapevine police are adding patrols. To date they have handed out more than 550 tickets and the citations vary depending on how fast you go over the limit -- they're also doubled if you're in a construction zone. 

"We want the citizens driving through there and we want the construction people to be safe.  So that's why we want to enforce the laws, bring the speeds down," said Dearing.

Some violators are paying as much as $400 in fines.

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