Students Study Science and Soccer “Outside” the Classroom

Middle schoolers how science and sports work together

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Teachers in the Frisco Independent School District are taking their lesson plans on the road. Lessons that are part of the curriculum are being taught off-campus by guest teachers from FC Dallas.

The soccer team and the school district joined forces for a STEAM learning day, to show middle schools how science and sports work together.

"So many of the kids are into sports and soccer in particular and I love how they can see what they study in school is part of their athletic world," said teacher Joy Tran.

In one scenario, the FC Dallas team got locked inside their locker room and the students had to use their physics skills to crack the code of the lock and open the locker room.

It didn't end there, once inside another STEAM exercise was waiting, using soccer balls.

"It's much more different than reading an article it's special to see things with your own eyes," said student Jack Bodwell.

They worked on player stats and team management to study statistics and reached out to students, not into sports.

"A lot of people think a career in sports means I have to be a professional athlete or coach on the field not true," said Brooke Leverette with FC Dallas.

Teachers said taking the same material and just changing how its presented makes a big difference in not just engaging the students but helping them remember what they've learned.

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