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Schools Will Redo Missed STAAR Test Next Week

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Schools are ending the first week of State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness testing, preparing for a redo after technical problems caused the test to get pulled Tuesday.  

STAAR testing is a big deal for schools logistically. The teachers have to cover up bulletin boards and artwork on the walls.   

Students who aren't taking the test have to go to other parts of the building to keep things quiet. There are a lot of moving parts. Having to redo the STAAR isn't so simple for schools, some of them having to make changes to the schedule next week.     

The Texas Education Agency has asked that the retakes happen Tuesday, April 13. Some districts are having students who don't have to take the test learn remotely, that day, asynchronously, to provide quiet for the students having to take the test that had technical issues last week.

The testing vendor who has issues last Tuesday seems to have fixed those. There weren't many reported issues after that.

They apparently solved one of the issues with a dictionary. Allowing students to use a book rather than the online one, seemed to make the testing stable, and schools expect Tuesday to go off without a hitch. 

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