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School Uses Outdoor Classroom to Help Elementary Students Master Basic Biology

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The basics of biology is what they're teaching kids in the first grade to gifted students at John Q. Adams Elementary in Dallas.

The school recently unveiled an outdoor classroom and garden that teachers are using to teach everything from math through measuring plants to the structure of plants all while working in the garden.

"I think it gives them more ownership of our earth of where they live and what they can do and they learn this is something I can do on my own, my family can do," said teacher Amy Lewis.

Her gifted and talented classes are learning about the parts of a plant and how things grow, and rather than look at a diagram in the classroom. They're getting their hands dirty, planting garlic.

It's called The Learning Garden, a place where the kids can get outside, lose their masks, and have some hands-on fun while still learning about the part of the plant and how they work.

"We did sunflowers last year and they kept getting taller and taller and the kids were so excited," said Lewis.

The learning garden comes complete with an outdoor classroom and they're learning more than just an intro to biology.

From measuring growth to hone math skills to sounding out plant names for language arts, it's all working together to turn the garden into a classroom and help young minds grow.

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