Mesquite ISD

School Offers ‘Outdoors' Class as Alternative to Gym Class

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It's harder to get kids to spend time outdoors these days. Electronics have beat out so many of the activities we did as kids. 

The Mesquite ISD is fighting back with a class aimed at making the outdoors great again.

"This class is so cool,10 out of 10 I would recommend," said Alison Terry, who says the Outdoor Adventures course at Poteet High School is the first PE class she ever really loved.

For kids who stay buried in their phones and don't get outdoors much, this class was a game-changer. 

"We went fishing one time. I love learning to fish it was very fun. And we cook a lot in this class which is great because I love food," said Terry.

It's hard not to love the smells and the science behind Coach Brian Wester's course.

April Jones has camped before and she loves PE but found the class invaluable.

The class covers everything from what to do in a plane crash to the right way to handle all that bacon grease. 

"At least three or four students in every one of my classes have never gotten on a bike," Wester said. "I teach them that and then the other group once we get more experienced I take them on the trails behind the school."

While some may have come to get out of running laps, they've walked away with a new appreciation for mother nature. 

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