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Retired Teachers, Administrators Volunteer to Teach Migrant Teens

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As the federal government continues to house more than 1,000 migrant teens at the Kay Bailey Hutchinson Convention Center, Dallas ISD confirmed its administrators have volunteered time to help.

"We jumped in to see if there was an opportunity to share what we've learned in situations like this, we've been fortunate to be able to lend a hand with instructional materials, making schedules for the students," Dallas ISD Deputy Superintendent Susana Cordova said.

In the early days of the pandemic, in the spring of 2020, Dallas ISD had packets it sent to kids to complete at home. The district had leftovers from the English as a second language program and is using them to help educate the teens at the convention center.

"The vast majority is first experiences, 'My name is,' 'I need to,' things like that," Cordova said. "In terms of academic levels, there's a real range. It's exciting we've heard reports that many kids were able to jump in with middle school level reading material and for some kids they had not been in school for a while."

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The volunteer teachers are making sure the plan they put in place is designed so other volunteers can come in and pick up where they left off to keep educating the kids.

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