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Carroll ISD Considers Randomly Drug Testing Students With Extracurricular Activities

District officials in Southlake are asking parents how they feel about a random drug testing policy for high school students.[[484220191,R]]

That survey went out from Carroll Independent School District Tuesday. Within 48 hours, the district had more than 2,000 responses.

Assistant Superintendent for Board and Community Relations Julie Thannum said the response has been mostly positive.

“We’re seeing pretty overwhelming support. About 80 percent of our respondents so far are in favor of some sort of a policy,” said Thannum.

It's a policy the district's considered since 2013. Thannum said they've studied several other districts with similar programs in place. 

While she doesn't believe the district has a rampant drug problem, Thannum said statistics and student surveys show one exists. 

“We are like many other school districts around the nation in that we deal with that," said Thannum. 

Parents picking their kids up from school Thursday afternoon said they not only support a policy, but they’d like to see it extended to everyone.

“I think I would take it beyond just the athletes and extracurricular activity kids though. Because if the object is to eliminate drug problems early, then I think they need to be drug testing everybody,” said Traci Johnson.

Thannum said federal case law prohibits a district from testing everyone. But due to a high percentage of extracurricular participation in Carroll ISD, the district felt testing that group of students will be a strong deterrent for the student body.

“We just want them to have an opportunity to say I can’t do this,” said Thannum.

The school board will review the policy and parent and student feedback at Monday’s meeting, though the deadline for surveys isn’t until June 15.

If the board approves the policy on first reading, a second reading could take place as soon as June 18 to approve a pilot program for the 2018-2019 school year.

To read more about the administration's recommendations for the program, click here.

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