Carjacking Suspects Crash Into Dentist Office

Two carjacking suspects ended up in police custody after the vehicle they allegedly stole crashed through a utility pole and into a dentist's office.

After crashing the vehicle, the suspects bailed out of the car and started running -- with police in pursuit.

Officers finally nabbed a 16-year-old and a 20-year-old in the back of an apartment complex and hauled them off to jail.

The victim of the carjacking told police that the two men punched him and beat him with bottles before taking the car. That victim flagged down a police officer near Singleton and Bernal and was sitting in a squad car when the suspects drove past the police vehicle in the man's stolen car.

As the alleged carjackers sped away, the officer followed behind the stolen vehicle, but could not chase the suspects while the victim was in the squad car.

The officer and the victim tracked down the stolen car after it had left the road, shearing a utility pole and crashing into the front of a dentist's office in the 2800 block of Singleton in Dallas.

The victim was injured from the attack but did not go to a hospital. Both suspects are in custody, but their names were not immediately released.

NBC 5's Kendra Lyn contributed to this report.

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