Car Slams Into South Dallas Home, Homeowner Not Injured

A home in South Dallas is significantly damaged after a car slammed into it on Saturday morning.

Police and fire rescue crews were called at about 10 a.m. Saturday to the 500 block of Kirnwood Drive.

There was heavy damage to the front of the home stretching from the front door to the garage. Tire tracks scarred the yard marking where the car traveled before hitting the home.

Clemestene Dallas was inside the home at the time in another room and heard the crash.

"I was in the bedroom," Dallas said. "I heard this big boom and I thought it was an explosion."

Dallas said she saw the SUV still in her house and still revving, trying to move.

She said on a typical morning she would be sitting right where the car drove in to her home. Dallas said despite the damage to her home, she is just thankful to be alive and not injured.

"It's just a blessing to be alive," she said. "I could have been sitting right there on the sofa and it could've been my life."

Police have not released details on how the crash occurred or if anyone was injured from the car.

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