Braintone Art: Creating Art With Brain Power

Brainart projects emotions, mental focus onto a computer screen

If you ever wondered what it would be like to create a piece of art without using your hands, the tech startup Braintone Art gives you the opportunity.

The goal was to allow everyone, independent of artistic and physical ability, to create a unique piece of artwork.

Just like a traditional artist, you pick your favorite color and put on an electroencephalogram headset. The EEG measures your brain activity, specifically thoughts and emotions. Your emotions are then projected on the computer screen.

“It is just great way for someone who might be stressed out at their job to kind of relax, get their bearings, calm their mind, and create something unique,’ said Shawn Kelly who is a facilitator of Braintone Art.

Braintone Art will provide services at corporate and private events. For details, click here.

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