Botham Jean's Parents Speak to His Congregation, Father Says ‘I Would Like To Be Amber's Friend at Some Point'

Botham Jean's parents spoke to the congregation at their son's church Wednesday night after Amber Guyger's sentencing during an emotional day in the courtroom.

They addressed their son's moments of grace in the courtroom as he forgave Amber Guyger and hugged her. Botham's father told the congregation that because of his faith, he believes he could be Amber Guyger's friend at some point. Botham's mother, Allison, reiterated her husband, adding, "It does not mean that everything else we have suffered has to go unnoticed."

Dallas West Church of Christ, where Botham attended and led songs every Sunday, including days before he was killed, held a remembrance service for him Wednesday night. It took place just hours after Amber Guyger was sentenced to 10 years in prison. It was also after their younger son hugged Guyger in the courtroom stunning many people.

The remembrance service had songs, and prayers. Botham's parents also addressed the crowd.

Afterwards NBC 5's Vince Sims sat down one-on-one with Jean's mother Allison Jean as she shared about her other son, Brandt's actions in court and how she feels about Guyger's sentence.

The church showed the congregation the video of Botham Jean's brother Brandt showing compassion to Amber Guyger when he told her to live her life for Christ and he told her that he forgave her. Brandt asked Judge Tammy Kemp if he could hug Guyger. The video and his moment of grace has been seen around the world. [[562007182,C]]

The congregation started clapping when Brandt hugged Guyger.

His father, Betrum Jean, spoke to the congregation thanking them for prayers, feeding them, and he thanked the community for their support. He told them that he prayed God would continue to bless them.

Addressing Brandt's grace in the courtroom, Betrum said to the congregation, "I'm not really surprised because I know how we raised him with the spirit of the Lord."

"We don't hate you, [Amber]. You have broken us but we would like to become friends at some point in time, I believe I have the ability to do it, despite my loss. God is good. That is why I want to do this.

"I appreciate what Brandt did. There was a peace that passed over [me] that only the Lord God can provide," he said. "We trust in God that he will do the rest and he will keep us."

Botham's mother, Allison, told the congregation that what happened to her family tested her faith in God, but she remembered what Botham shared with her. [[562033462,C]]

"What I reflected on was Botham's own motivation," she said. "He was one who always says, 'Don't give up, remain positive, look at the bright side.'"

"What Brandt did today was remarkable and it will be a big talker and what we must do, but I don't want the community to be mistaken by what happen in the courtroom.

"Forgiveness for us as Christians is a healing for us, but as my husband said, there are consequences. It does not mean that everything else we have suffered has to go unnoticed. We're leaving Dallas this week, but you all must live in Dallas and you all must try to make Dallas a better place.

"What you saw and what you heard in the courtroom really showed what your system is and you must seek to do something about it," she said. "You saw a contaminated crime scene, you saw deletion of evidence by persons in high offices. You saw turning off of body cams and saw cameras in the vehicles.

"You saw investigations that were marred with corruption and throughout the trial what I kept saying to myself is, 'Botham was a child of God and we know he did not deserve what he got.' The most hurtful part is for me that even after he was shot, he was left to die.

"There are many Christians who asked me if I would forgive Amber. I will leave my forgiveness for Amber to myself. God knows my heart," she said. "What I want you to do for us, for the family is to support the legacy of Botham. We have created the foundation not to help us, but to help the underprivileged, the underserved, the vulnerable, the voiceless. So I ask you to support the Botham Jean Foundation. I would love to help someone who Botham would have wanted to help."

She thanked the church for being for her family throughout the trial and asked them to be alert. The service ended with one of Botham's favorite songs.

"While we walk as Christians, we still have a responsibility to show that our city does what is right," she said.

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