Bond Reduced for Mother Accused of Injuring Son, Subjecting Him to 13 Surgeries

A Dallas judge granted a family's request Monday to reduce the bond for a woman who was arrested, accused of injury to a child, after she allegedly claimed her 8-year-old son was so sick she brought him to see doctors 323 times.

Prosecutors and child welfare workers say it does not appear the child is ill.

Kaylene Bowen Wright, 34, faces a felony charge and was jailed on $150,000 bond. Monday, her bond was reduced to $25,000.

Bowen Wright allegedly claimed her son, Christopher, had an allergy to milk, had terminal cancer and needed a lung transplant, among other ailments. That resulted in hundreds of visits to doctors and 13 major surgeries.

Prosecutors at Monday's bond hearing called on a detective to testify, shedding some new details in the case.

That included an interview with 8-year-old Christopher in which he told them he believes he's dying and that he needs the oxygen and feeding tubes he's had in the past.

The detective added that medical records show Bowen Wright's mother helped her dump contents from Christopher's bottles when he was in the NICU as a baby, while lying to medical staff that he couldn't keep milk down.

Twila Wright, who was in the courtroom to testify for a reduced bond for her daughter, shook her head 'no' during the testimony. Bowen Wright's attorney, Mike Howard, says that claim is not attributed to anyone in medical records and would be nearly impossible to do so all these years later.

"Kaylene loves her children very much. Everything she's done has been out of concern for her children and their well-being. Of course there are two sides to every story, and Kaylene looks forward to her day in court. We're confident in the system and that the truth will come out," Howard said after the hearing.

Bowen Wright was still housed at the Dallas County jail Monday evening. Conditions of her bond include remaining in Dallas County and not having any contact with her children.

There will be a CPS hearing Wednesday to determine who gets custody of her children. Christopher's father, who's said he believes Bowen Wright is suffering from Munchausen syndrome by proxy, is fighting for custody.

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