Body Camera Video, 911 Call Highlight Day 2 of The Amber Guyger Murder Trial

The second day of testimony in the murder trial for former Dallas police officer Amber Guyger charged in the shooting death of her neighbor Botham Jean began Tuesday with jurors hearing her 911 call following the shooting and watching the body camera video from the responding Dallas police officer.

Prosecutors played Guyger's 5-minute, 38-second 911 call in court Tuesday. On the call, Guyger is frantic, saying "I thought it was my apartment" 19-times. She can also be heard telling a then unresponsive Botham Jean, "I'm sorry."

From the time the call came in to the moment officers arrived at Jean’s apartment, just over two minutes elapsed.

The body camera video of responding Dallas Police Officer Michael Lee was also played in court. Lee and his partner can be seen jumping walls and running upstairs, not yet knowing there was not an active shooter.

When they reach Jean's apartment, they briefly encounter Guyger who says again, "I thought it was my apartment." The two officers then begin intense recitation efforts on Jean, which continued until Dallas Fire-Rescue paramedics arrived. At one point, seconds after arriving, Lee’s partner can be heard to say "he's breathing." Lee testified Jean had a pulse but was unresponsive.

Prosecutors then asked Lee about police policy and procedure.

"If you open a door and realize someone's inside, you have two choices, presume you can safely reposition or shoot and figure it out later, what do you,' Assistant District Attorney Jason Hermus asked.

"Cover and conceal," Lee said. "Because of sanctity of human life?" Hermus asked. "Yes," Lee responded.

Controversy arose Tuesday when prosecutors alleged Amber Guyger received special treatment following the shooting. The defense objected to the showing of video they say captured Dallas Police Association President Mike Mata instructing Sgt. Breanna Valentine to turn off the in-car recording system inside the patrol car that would transport Guyger.

After a lunch recess, the video was not shown to jurors.

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