Blake's Snow Shack Opens for Business

The high temperatures made Saturday the perfect day to enjoy a snow cone. In Sanger a large crowd gathered at Blake's Snow Shack, but not just to beat the heat.

They wanted to share in Blake's major accomplishment.

"We are changing how people look at people that have special needs, and that's what we want to conitnue to do," said Maryann Pyron, Blake's mother.

Blake was born with Down syndrome, but he is determined to not let that hold him back. For months he's worked to turn his passion for flavored ice into his own business.

On Saturday his snow shack opened for business.

"When I turn around I'm almost scared (because) there's so many people," said Blake's dad, Billy Pyron. "It's a good feeling to see how many people support Blake. I think he enjoys the people more than anything, just seeing them come out."

People came from across North Texas to enjoy the grand opening, and the initial reviews were positive.

"It's great. I drove all the way up from Denton to get one," said Bob Sgalder.

Blake's menu includes flavors like root beer and wedding cake, but the sweetest item on the menu may be the message Blake is serving up to his community and other people with disabilities.

"Blake's Snow Shack is so much more than snow cones," his mom said. "It's about insipiration."

Blake's Snow Shack is located at 400 Locust Street in Sanger.

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