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‘Black Owned Business' Signs Hope to Deter Vandalism, Looting

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Some Dallas businesses, still reeling from being shut down by coronavirus, are struggling again after vandals damaged shops during riots.

A handful of owners are taking an unusual extra step to protest their property.

The doors are back open at Vogue Hair Showroom and Salon in Deep Ellum.

There are two signs displayed on their door: one related to COVID-19 and another stating: Black Owned Business.

“We put those up the day after the first night of looting,” said owner Tameka Davis. “Those signs are basically to say we’re black-owned, we support the movement, but as well as that if it is a target, we’re black-owned as well. We’re with you. We stand with you.”

Other black entrepreneurs are posting the same notice, including black-owned Harris House of Heroes restaurant in Uptown.

In downtown Dallas, there are spray-painted messages over boarded-up storefronts along a high-rise on North Ervay Street: ‘Black-Owned Businesses Inside.’

“You have clothing brands in there, you have audio engineers,” said Raymond Appleberry, co-founder of 3Kingz Empire Brand and Crown Jewel Studio.

Appleberry said there are about 10 black-owned businesses inside the building, including his.

He hopes the message outside will help deter violence and looting.

“What we’re simply saying is that we want to be able to hold business just like anybody else, one. Two, that we don’t want any destruction done to that. However, we welcome protests. We welcome protests.”

There’s another message posted next door at the 7-Eleven: ‘Friendly Black Workers.’

While they feel ‘blessed’ to have escaped damage so far, Davis said she’d accept it as long as change comes with it.

“I understand where the anger is coming from so I would not be upset because hey, I’m riding it out with you,” she said.

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