Better Business Bureau Warns Against Hiring Contractors Who Knock on Your Door

The most common call we get in the NBC 5 Responds center is from people who hire someone to repair something on or around their home.

The call pays a deposit, and the contractor only does part of the work or they never come back at all.

The Better Business Bureau of Fort Worth says there are groups of contractors who follow storms and knock on people's doors the morning after they hit, offering a great deal if they hire them.

The BBB says there's never a reason to rush. They recommend you get clear information on the company.

Also, check with people who have actually used the repair services and make sure you know as much as you can before you hand over any money.

"If you're dealing with a contractor who is going to repair your home and he wants a lot of money up front, that's a red flag. Don't do it," said Bob Brackeen, regional manager for the BBB of Fort Worth.

"If he wants cash up front, don't do it. It's OK for someone to ask a deposit or portion of the cost, but read the contract carefully," Brackeen said.

The BBB also suggests talking to your insurance company, knowing what your policy covers, and considering having someone from the insurance company come out to point you in the right direction.

The more voices you can get to help before you make a decision, the better.

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