Irving's Belt Line Road Could Get Makeover

City planners in Irving present their ideas to business leaders

The city of Irving is hoping a makeover on one of its busiest streets could lead to potential business development.

Irving leaders expect that giving Belt Line Road, a commercial corridor between state Highway 161 and Shady Grove Road, a new look, could lead to more business.

"We would love to see a makeover of Belt Line Road so that it has a look similar to what's on Las Colinas right there along the road edge," said Troy Wynne, the senior planner for Irving’s Development Services.

Wynne said the properties along Belt Line Road have an estimated tax value of about $419 million. He hoped to see that value increase when the proposed enhancements are made.

"If the follow-up properties were to increase in value by 10 percent, that would generate approximately $250,000 additional into the city's coffers," Wynne said.

Wynne said at least 45,000 vehicles pass through the 4.3-mile stretch of road every day.

Renner Lorica, who works at Batteries Plus along the corridor, said changing the facade could make a difference to his and neighborhood businesses.

"It will be a uniform enhancement of the area, especially on landscaping which will, I think will attract more of out-of-town and out of the area customers," he said.

Wynne hoped more businesses in the area will share their feedback so he and others in his department could continue working on the developments. "We'll take this feedback, we'll use it to fine tune our plan, and then we'll take it to city council possibly as early as May, maybe in June," he said.

Wynne said the total estimated cost of the proposed project is $54 million and would take place over a 20-plus year period.

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