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Bat Found at Lewisville Park Tests Positive for Rabies

Some children in Lewisville may have been exposed to rabies, and now the city needs to find them.

Lewisville Animal Services says a group of kids was playing with a bat at the Lake Park ball fields on Saturday.

Witnesses say the children were poking the bat with a stick in the rear soccer field that runs along Turtle Trail.

When animal control got there, the kids were gone but that bat later tested positive for rabies.

Officials say it's extremely important that anyone who's been exposed be examined right away.

"We just want to make sure they didn't grab the bat. The bat bite is, in so many cases, hard to notice that we want to make sure to check them out," said James Kunke, with the city of Lewisville.

"There is no reason to expect a widespread appearance of rabies, however it is extremely important that anyone exposed be identified and examined right away," read a notice released by the city Wednesday.

Anyone who knows of a child who may have come into contact with the rabid bat is asked to call "Ethel" at Lewisville Animal Services at 972-219-3478.

According to Cook Children's Medical Center, rabies is a deadly disease.

"Bats are tiny and can leave tiny bites or scratches that humans may not even notice, until it's too late. If you come in close contact with a bat, you should go to the emergency department immediately," according to the Cook Children's website.

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