Audacious Impostor Arrested Inside Sheriff's Office

Armed man strolls into Sheriff's office, doesn't make it out

A Lewisville man was arrested Tuesday after police said he impersonated a federal agent while armed inside the Collin County Sheriff's office.

Daniel Morley, 27, a felon, walked into the Collin County Sheriff's office Tuesday wearing a badge, a Homeland Security polo and a gun and identified himself as Jonathan Roberts, a federal agent with the HLS Customs & Border Protection department. 

Morley said he had recently been transferred to DFW from Washington D.C. and wanted to familiarize himself with local agencies.  He also asked to ride out on a patrol shift and to interview an inmate.

Before being granted his interview or ride along, an alert was received from the Dallas Police Department warning agencies of a man impersonating a federal agent. 

Morley was detained and later admitted to authorities that he was impersonating a federal agent.  He has been charged with impersonating a public servant, unlawful possession of a firearm by a felon and failure to identify.  He is being held on $130,000 bond.

Investigators have not yet revealed Morley's motive for brazenly walking into the Collin County Sheriff's office while carrying a weapon.  Officials said his credentials were very realistic and that his shirt was possibly an actual department issue garment, though an older version.

Anyone with information regarding Morley’s actions or contacts is requested to contact the Criminal Investigation Section of the Collin County Sheriff’s Office at 972-547-5100.

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