Dallas Gas Explosion Victim Slapped With Code Violation

A Northwest Dallas home where a natural gas explosion injured a resident has been warned by the city for a code violation, NBC 5 has learned.

On Feb. 21, the man living at the home was thrown several feet after his heating and AC unit exploded, causing second-degree burns. While he recovered from his injuries, and because of an ongoing investigation into the explosion, he has not been allowed to return to the house.

Months after the explosion, the city of Dallas code compliance inspector issued the homeowner of 3527 Durango a violation, stating the owner needed “to remove litter, solid waste, and or cut and remove weeds and grass within seven days of the date on this notice or the city will remove the little and/or cut and remove weeds and grass at your expense.”

After NBC 5 contacted the city of Dallas, a spokesperson said a code compliance inspector wanted to notify the homeowner that they were in violation, but because of the sensitive nature of the case they were not going to issue a citation.

For nearly three months Atmos Energy has been tearing up roads and lawns in the neighborhood in an effort to replace the aging gas lines.

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