Ranch Hand Rescue Raises $33,000 After ASPCA's $10,000 Matching Grant

A $10,000 grant from the ASPCA will help a North Texas rescue organization provide animal-assisted therapy to adults and children who have suffered severe trauma or abuse.

Argyle-based Ranch Hand Rescue raised over $33,000 with the help of a $10,000 grant from ASPCA. The grant was only to be given out if the group raised $10,000 separately. They well exceeded their goal and will use the surplus funds to pay an additional $10,000 on the mortgage for their new facility and use the additional funds to help with renovations.

Bob Williams, founder of the Texas-based Ranch Hand Rescue Counseling Center & Animal Sanctuary, credited ASPCA for the success by saying, “This innovative idea from the ASPCA allowed us to reach out to our supporters and triple the amount of money that the ASPCA awarded us”. He also noted, “Our supporters loved knowing that their hard earned donation dollars would be stretched even further… This grant will help us expand our animal rescue efforts and sanctuary program. I am honored that the ASPCA has put their trust in us and they are a very important partner and resource to Ranch Hand Rescue.”

Ranch Hand Rescue's states their mission "is to provide hope, healing, and a sense of security for people, particularly children, who have suffered severe trauma, including but not limited to, child physical and sexual abuse, rape, domestic violence, and witnessing murder and suicide. They accomplish this by utilizing Equine/Animal Assisted Counseling which partners rescued animals with people, under the guidance of a Licensed Professional Counselor, in mental health counseling sessions, conducted in the safe and peaceful setting of our animal sanctuary."

For more information on Ranch Hand Rescue, please visit: http://ranchhandrescue.org

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