Arlington Woman Learns About Her Father — and Herself — Through Genetic Testing

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After a lifetime of wondering about the father she never met, an Arlington woman found his identity – and learned a lot about herself – through genetic testing.

"I think it's important for everyone to know where they came from,” Sharon Plummer said.

Growing up as a little girl in Alabama and later in Texas, Plummer says her mom never wanted to talk about her dad.

"I didn't push too much because I knew it was an upset to mother,” she said.

She says she never obsessed about it over the years but just wanted to know.

"I think I was curious,” Plummer said.

Then, a few years ago, her son gave her a Mother's Day gift -- a genetic testing kit from 23andMe.

"We spit in the little vial and sent it off,” she said.

Soon, she got a few answers.

Her dad was Italian.

"Interestingly I've always pulled toward Italian things and buying Italian things,” she said. “I love spaghetti, I love lasagna, everything."

Still, she didn't know many details, like even her dad’s name.

Then, it turns out, a cousin in Alabama she never met did a genetic test herself. The company hooked the two up, and Plummer got the details she waited years to learn.

Her father was Norman C. Nicastro, who served in World War II and whose family was from Italy.

He died in 1997.

Only now is she learning the incredible similarities...

Her dad sold insurance. She used to be in the insurance business.

"He liked dark chocolate. I like dark chocolate,” she said.

She even learned there's a castle in Italy with the family's name. She's not sure if it was named after her family or maybe her family was named after the castle.

"I am peaceful. I am happy. I have filled a void that really feels good,” she said.

She said she has no plans to meet her father’s side of her family in Alabama but has spoken with them on the phone and is open to the idea of getting together in the future.

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