Arlington Officer Back Home From Sochi to be With Sick Son

An Arlington father has returned home to North Texas to be with his sick son after a story, which aired on NBC 5, caught the attention of his supervisors in Sochi, Russia.

Cable Johnson is an officer with the Arlington Police Department. He has been serving as a security guard since Feb. 8 in Sochi for the Winter Olympic Games.

Several days ago, Johnson said he received a phone call from his wife that his 2-year-old son, Xander, was extremely sick with Respiratory Syncytial Virus; more commonly known as RSV.

“It’s rough to be half a world away and a son that was sick,” said Johnson, through tears.

Johnson said Xander ended up in the hospital with a 104-degree fever and trouble breathing.

NBC 5 aired a story on Wednesday profiling Johnson’s son and talking to his wife about RSV.

Within hours, the story was shared half way across the world.

Johnson said as soon as his supervisors in Sochi heard about the situation, they gave him a one-way ticket back home to Arlington and told him to go be with his son.

NBC 5 spoke with Johnson as he got off the plane at Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport Thursday night.

“I guess some of the stuff done through social media caught some attention. The story was done about it and that story led to this. So, thank you,” Johnson said.

Johnson said Xander is recovering and is grateful to be home to care for his son.  

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