Arlington Mayor Apologizes for Comments About Stadium Opponents

Arlington's mayor is apologizing for comments he made about opponents of the plan to help build a new stadium for the Texas Rangers.

"I do regret it," said Arlington Mayor Jeff Williams, who has taken the lead in support of the new stadium.

"I think it was a poor choice of words, but that was a moment of frustration in a private location, and then on top of that, that's not who I am," Williams added.

Citizens for a Better Arlington has been leading the fight against the stadium proposal.

Speaking last Friday about the stadium proposal to another group called Action Arlington, Williams was secretly recorded calling the CBA "mad" and "misdirected."

"I feel bad that a lot of these people are working so hard, they don't have the facts right," Williams is heard saying in the recording, made public on Monday. "Either that, or they do not have the intelligence to be able to translate that we're investing money in the entertainment district to make money."

"I think the best thing to do would be to go back to the negotiation table," said Pablo Frias, with Citizens for a Better Arlington. "I think we deserve better than more than just an apology."

"Although it's very formal for him to do that, and we understand that in his position, he's almost required to have to do that," Frias said.

Williams claims a few opponents have been “bullying” voters at the polls, but the CBA denies it.

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