Arlington Man Jumps From Balcony to Escape Fire

Firefighters said a man jumped from his balcony to escape a fire at an Arlington apartment complex Sunday night.[[289790661,L]]

Grand Prairie police said they saw the in the 1100 block of Silverwood Drive, near Texas 360 and Avenue J at about 11:51 p.m. Arlington firefighters arrived and minimized the damage, authorities said.

Resident Anthony Hernandez said he awoke to his smoke alarm and, after seeing flames, jumped from his balcony to escape. Hernandez sprained a few fingers and sustaining cuts and bruises to his arm in the fall.

"I could see smoke and fire coming through the door, so I just threw on some clothes and shoes," he said. "I just felt like I had to jump or I probably wouldn’t have made it."

One Arlington firefighter suffered minor burns on his arm, authorities said.

Firefighters said four units were destroyed by flames and smoke and three other units suffered heavy smoke and water damage. Three people were evacuated from their homes.

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