Arlington ‘Lucky Store' Gives Hope to Lottery Jackpot Players

If you're thinking of purchasing a lottery ticket, you're not alone. Texans spend more than $4 billion every year trying to hit the jackpot.

There is a store in Arlington that has a record of selling winning lottery tickets in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Chuck's Grocery Store has sold the most winning tickets in Tarrant County.

People who live in the area call it the "Lucky Store."

"This is where I buy all of my lottery tickets," said Blane Turner. "I won $5,000 a few years ago and I'm hoping to win it big with the Powerball! I bought three tickets, and I want to hear my numbers called."

The back of the store has a "winner's wall," where dozens of people have their faces and winning checks framed for onlookers to see.

$75 million has been the largest jackpot a Chuck's customer has won so far.

The odds of one ticket winning the entire Mega Millions jackpot is $445 million is 1 in 303 million. Turner told us, if he wins a cash prize this weekend, he will retire.

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