Arlington Fire, Police Hope For K9 Memorial Monument

There is a movement to make a memorial monument in Arlington for public service heroes who are often overlooked.

Now, donations are being collected to have a bronze memorial for Arlington fire and police dogs who have died in the line of duty or who have retired.

"These dogs dedicate a part of their lives to helping keep the community safe and help keep us safe," Deputy Fire Marshal Morkita Anthony said.

In Arlington, there are currently three police and nine fire dogs in service. The Arlington Fire Department has lost two dogs in the line of duty.

"We have these special animals that work here for the city and it's time that we recognize them and let everyone know that we appreciate the work that they do," Anthony said.

Arlington PD
Mojo, an Arlington K9 officer, died after serving on a hot summer day in 2016.

The Arlington Police Department lost a K9 officer, Mojo, in July 2016.

“We were called in to search for a suspect who was on the loose," Officer Vince Ramsour said. "He was just giving everything that he had.”

The heat took its toll and Mojo passed away.

“It was real tough on me, tough on my family and tough on the police department itself,” Ramsour said. “I was blown away with people that aren't even connected to this community that sent me things and wanted to give their well wishes and good thoughts."

Ramsour hopes that same goodwill will inspire people to help build the memorial monument.

“It will be pretty special to me to see all of my dogs' names on there, but it will be all that more special to see Mojo's name on there,” he said. When I see his name I will instantly think back to that day."

The monument will cost approximately $100,000 and at the last update around $30,000 had been donated.

Donations ranging from $25 to $1,000 can be made online.

Online: Donations for K9 Memorial

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