Lawyer Advises Arlington Mom, Sons to Stay Despite Eviction

Mother, children evicted from Arlington apartment after two of her sons arrested on the property

The lawyer representing a family facing eviction after the controversial arrests of two teenage boys says she's advised her client to stay in her apartment until she's forcibly removed.

Kim Cole, the attorney representing Latasha Nelson, said Thursday afternoon that she advised her client not to make herself and her children homeless. She recommended that Nelson and her family stay at their Arlington apartment until the building's management goes through the legal process of eviction.

Nelson recorded video of her sons being arrested July 3. Her 14-year-old son, Trayvon, was accused of burglary of a motor vehicle, and 16-year-old son, Broderick, was accused of interfering with police duties. Nelson has three other children, ages 19, 10 and 8.

According to Nelson, managers at the Park at Addison Park apartments terminated her lease after the boys were arrested, meaning she'd not be able to renew her lease when it expired in October. After she and her attorney met with Arlington Chief of Police Will Johnson, on Friday, July 14, Nelson said she came home to a notice that said she had to be out by July 20.

Cole said she is working with attorneys representing the apartment complex to find a resolution to the early eviction.

"It's hard to explain to your kids about the situation. You want them to believe that the system and the society, that everyone is working together," Nelson said. "It's difficult to explain to them, 'Hey, we got to get up and leave,' when they haven't seen or heard the whole story."

Nelson has alleged the officer mistreated her sons and has accused him of misconduct.  She, along with her attorney and a civil right activist, have asked the that the officer be fired and face charges of misconduct.

Arlington police are investigating Nelson's allegation and are moving forward with charges against the two teenagers.

"They've already been criminalized before anything is even finished yet," Nelson said.

Nelson said she has lived at the apartment complex for four years and has had no issues in the past.

NBC 5's Frank Heinz contributed to this report.

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