Anti-Trump Forces Mobilize in Dallas Ahead of Fundraiser

Presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump is expected to attend a fundraiser next week in Dallas.

Trump held a rally in September at the American Airlines Center, where thousands of people heard the candidate speak. This time, Trump will be raising money at a private event.

"I think it's fantastic that he's coming to Texas. I always say this a lot. I go around town saying this a lot. The road to the White House always comes through Senate District 16, because this is where everyone comes to get their money," said State Sen. Don Huffines, R-Dallas.

Huffines hasn't endorsed Trump, but says he will support the Republican nominee for president. There are three such fundraisers in Texas next week, but anti-Trump forces are already mobilizing in North Texas.

Attorney Domingo Garcia is organizing the opposition effort.

"When Trump showed up last time we had 5,000 people at (the) American Airlines (Center). This time – with all the hatred and the controversy that has surrounded him just in the last couple of weeks – and being an evening event, I think we can have thousands," said Garcia.

Garcia says Hispanic, Muslim, African-American and women's groups will meet this Saturday to plan the protest.

"We are going to have security there on ourselves. We're going to make sure what happened in San Jose, California, doesn't happen in Dallas, Texas. Our people are going to be wearing white for peace, they're going to be carrying American flags and they're going to be sending a message to Donald Trump: don't bring your bigotry and hatred to Dallas," said Garcia.

Victory Committee Vice Chair Ray Washburne did not return a call seeking comment on the fundraisers Thursday, but on Friday he told NBC 5 that while he does raise money as the vice chair of the Victory Committee, he is not hosting a fundraiser for Trump next week.

Washburne added that he has employed thousands of Latinos at his restaurants and doesn't appreciate what protesters are doing.

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