Another Woman Speaks Out About Encounter With a Flasher in Dallas

Another woman came forward Sunday night to warn others of a flasher in Dallas.

A man has reportedly exposed himself to unsuspecting women, possibly as far back as 2017.

The peaceful living provided in the M Streets and Lower Greenville neighborhoods has been disrupted for some.

"Disgusted," said a woman who only wanted to be identified as Linda.

She said it started innocently enough last October. She was gardening outside her house in the M Streets neighborhood.

"A car came down the street and pulled up to my driveway and asked me if I could help with directions," she said.

The driver's conversation then took a turn.

"He was going like this (gestures to lap), 'Look, I have these spider bites. Look I have spider bites,'" she said. "And then Mr. Happy showed up."

A flasher in broad daylight.

Stacey Morgan said she reported a man with the same M.O. to Dallas police in January 2017 and was approached again by the same man two Fridays ago.

"It took maybe a split second, but I was like, 'Ah! That's the guy from before! I can't believe he’s back,'" Morgan recently told NBC 5. "He exposed himself and he did expose himself fully. I got the whole picture."

Morgan posted about the incident on the NextDoor app and that is when Linda realized they might be talking about the same man.

Both women said they were too stunned and did not get a good vehicle description or a license plate number.

"I didn't have the presence of mind," Linda said.

But they both remembered the man being 'attractive' and in his late 20s or early 30s.

Other women have come forward online to say they too remembered similar encounters.

"This guy has still not been caught so it's very important that if this happens to you that you take the time to look at the drivers' license and report it to police immediately," Linda said.

Both women described the man as having black hair, brown eyes, a medium build, well-groomed, wearing workout clothes. Both believed he might be Hispanic.

Linda only remembered the man was driving a rental car.

Stacey Morgan said in the first encounter she remembered a dark red or maroon car. In the latest encounter she remembered a silver vehicle, possibly a Lexus or Mitsubishi.

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