Another Viewer Speaks Out After Home Floods In Sewage Water

Toilet paper, murky water and worst of all "poop."

Sewage waste spilled all over Erin Jackson’s Kennedale home, costing her nearly $60,000.

"All of the wood in the whole house has to go. All of the baseboards have to be replaced. The master shower and quite frankly, I am never sitting in the bathtub. There’s not enough bleach that will get me to sit in that bathtub again," Jackson said.

And if you thought our first story was disgusting, Jerry Light said the same thing happened in his Kennedale home. 

"This actually happened in here three times," he said. "It never dawned on me that it was sewage until you can smell it."

Light said his problems date back to 2011, but the worst incident happened in 2017.

"It probably had six inches of water in the tub. Every toilet was topped out.  It was coming at such a high rate of speed that there were ripples," he explained. 

Light tried to bury the memory, but when he saw our recent story on Jackson's home...

"When I found out I’m not the only one having this problem, it’s infuriating," he said.  "And she’s getting told a lot of the same stuff I was told, which was the city’s not liable."

Both homeowners believe the city is not keeping up with their sewage lines, causing a backup and then, flooding.

"The city’s main sewage line was broke and filled with tree roots. The city was trying to tell me cleaning out tree roots is my responsibility," Light explained.

In a statement to NBC 5, the city manager told me it’s unlikely the city is liable or required to cover such a backup.

But he eventually said the city would offer Jackson $7700 for cleanup.

Light, whose repairs came out to $15,000, said he wasn't offered a dime. 

"When I see this, I get pissed," he said.

And he’s not the only one upset.

Sandra Lee, the Mayor Pro Tem of Kennedale, went off on the city for its lack of concern for the residents.

"For us to try to make an excuse for why we won’t take care of it, it’s just so wrong," she said.  "They get out to bust their *expletive* to work every day and pay their taxes. When are going to do what we’re supposed to do as a city," she said

I sat down with Lee after that meeting, who said she was stunned after our story first aired.

"We have to do a better job of protecting our citizens," Lee said.

She said the city has a long history of neglecting infrastructure and believes the city can and should do more to protect residents from accidents like this.

"Why are we neglecting the simple things that citizens expect from us? Clean water, clear sewer lines, those things," she asked.

Councilman Rockie Gilley and Councilwoman Jan Joplin said they, too, were appalled by what happened to the consumers and were stunned by our reporting. 

Both Jackson and Light are happy the city is taking notice now, but they believe if something isn’t done soon, someone else in Kennedale could soon have a nasty mess on their hands, too.

"Having someone else’s poop run through your house? That’s nasty dude," said Light.

The Mayor of Kennedale plans to discuss the sewage issue with council members at their next closed session meeting.

Meanwhile, Councilwoman Lee said it is her hope that they will vote to resolve these sewage claims soon and give the residents what they deserve.

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