Almost 19K Students Download Frisco ISD ‘Safety' App

Within the past two weeks students have reported 309 incidents

Students at the Frisco Independent School District are now able to anonymously report concerns such as school violence, bullying and harassment through the mobile app, “STOPit.”

The app officially launched on the first day of school, and in just two weeks it has been downloaded almost 19,000 times.

When each student downloads the app, they are given a campus code when they register. That code is linked to the students account. Therefore, each report filed will go to the appropriate school administrator. After the assistant principal receives the report, they can message the student back and forth to receive additional information.

Within the past two weeks students have reported 309 incidents.

Each incident is filed into certain categories: vandalism, physical assault, self-harm, weapons seen, bullying, threats and school ethics, drugs and alcohol and harassment: unsubstantiated or false.

"Unsubstantiated" means the incident was investigated but could not be proven.

The goal is to use the data to take proactive measures.

"The app will be able to show us trends," said Chief Student Service Officer Cory McClendon. "Whether it be threats, bullying, harassment; It will show us as a district the areas we need address."

Before the student submits the report, he or she has to agree to the understanding that submitting a false report could lead to severe consequences.

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