Allen Mosque Desperate to Find Kind Stranger Who Left Signs of Support

Leaders at the Islamic Association of Allen are searching for a woman who anonymously posted signs around the mosque with filled words of kindness.

They read, "You are loved," "You are welcome here," "You are a beautiful thread in the fabric of America," and "We love you."

Those simple words have made a big impact.

"This is the true face of this country," said Imam Arsalan Haque. "It shows not everybody thinks the same way, not everybody out there hates us."

For mosque outreach coordinator Ali Subhani, it is a mystery he is dying to solve.

"We played detective for a couple of hours," Subhani said, trying to track down the kind stranger to say thank you.

They reviewed surveillance video and found footage of the woman quickly pounding the signs into the ground Friday morning.

"But we haven't been able to identify her," Subhani said. "There were a lot of smiles on people's faces."

It is not the only mystery mosque members have on their hands.

They're also trying to track down a woman who penned a heartwarming handwritten note and dropped it off recently.

It reads, in part, "I am white suburban middle-aged lapsed Catholic. I am your neighbor, I am not your enemy. I do not view you as suspicious."

She signed it simply, "Peace, Peggy."

"There are a lot of Peggy's in Texas, I can tell you that much," Subhani said, laughing.

Haleh Banani is a psychologist who attends the Allen mosque. She said the note and signs brought tears to her eyes.

"I've seen a lot of clients feel anxiety. People who are nervous about going outside, considering taking off their hijab – the head covering – because they feel that there's hate. They feel they might be targeted," Banani said.

But the simple acts of kindness show words can heal as much as they can hurt.

"The number of people who are kind outnumber those who are filled with hate," Banani added.

The mosque, built just last year, is on Allen Central Drive.

Subhani said it is always open to any members of the community who wish to learn more.

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