Ahead of Debate in Houston, Texas Democrats Announce Plan to Flip the State Blue

The Texas Democratic party has unveiled its plan to flip the state blue in 2020.

Some of their goals include registering as many as 2.6 million unregistered voters in the state. They have built a website, mytexasvotes.com, that includes information about registering, where to vote and polling locations.

They will also send out more than 1.5 million applications to allow people to vote by mail.

In addition, the party will set up a hotline to answer voter’s questions.

NBC 5 News

The party said there are already organizers on the ground in Texas and they aim to have 1,000 volunteers in the field by the end of the cycle.

"At the Texas Democratic party, we know that to win we must build a state party infrastructure larger than anyone has ever seen. Change is coming to Texas — a new wave of activists and progressive candidates demand it. They're fired up about affordable healthcare, ending gun violence, reversing climate change, and protecting our diverse communities," said State Democratic Executive Director Cliff Walker.

We reached out to the state Republican party about their plan and chairman James Dickey said, "While Texas Democrats have just announced their plan to turn Texas blue, we have been employing our plan to keep Texas red for months. Texas Republicans have already deployed a skilled field team throughout the state. We have unprecedented investment in all aspects of voter registration, mobilization, and turnout. The state party is breaking fundraising records and we are investing those funds in data, systems, training, and the largest Get Out The Vote (GOTV) effort Texas has ever seen. We will continue fighting hard to ensure Texans turn out to vote for the values that have made our state such an incredible place to live."

Republicans added that the Democrats "made it extremely clear that their goal is to turn Texas into a copy of California" and that California is a place where "so many voters have fled because of its liberal mismanagement and high taxes. Texans don’t want those failed policies here."

When asked about specifics for their plan, Republicans shared the following:

  • Unprecedented voter registration efforts.
  • Recruiting candidates to challenge every Democrat with already more than 1,400 candidates and campaign staffers trained this year and growing.
  • Equipping county parties and campaigns with industry-leading campaign data; hundreds prepared now.
  • On pace for largest field deployment RPT has ever executed (already double the field staff compared to all of last cycle and plans to deploy hundreds by Election Day).
  • Continue record-breaking fundraising.
  • Outfitting county parties with infrastructure and tools necessary for voter ID and 2020 get-out-the-vote efforts.
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