Stroke Moves Woman Into Nursing Home, Husband Makes Big Move Too

When Joan Akey had to be moved into a nursing home after a stroke, her husband Charles made a big move too, so he would be able to keep seeing her

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Charles and Joan Akey of Irving married 66 years ago and traveled the world. If one spends any time with them, it's clear, they are each other's world.

"She's not able to communicate, but her facial expression tells you everything when her husband is around," Clay Nyian said.

Nyian is the manager of Las Brisas Assisted Living in Irving. Joan Akey moved into the facility's nursing home after she had a stroke. Her husband didn't want the pandemic to prevent him from being able to see her in person, so he moved there too -- to the facility's assisted living area.

"This permits me to be close by, so I can go and see her, check on her," Akey said as his wife turned her head to listen to his answer. "It's part of who we are, I guess. Part of who I am. We enjoy each other's company."

The couple has to maintain social distance, so Charles' visits are masked and from six feet away. On days he doesn't get to Joan's room, he visits her window - no matter the weather.

"If they were not able to see each other there would have been a decline in their health," Nyian said. "Perfect. Beautiful. It makes love look simple. Easy."

"We've been on this adventure for a long time," Akey said smiling. "We wanted to keep it a little bit fresh."

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